How To Make A Kickass Cup of Rage Coffee

We get this question a lot - What is the best way to make a badass cup of Rage Coffee? Since a lot of you use Rage as an energy booster and to focus faster, we took very good care of the solubility so you an enjoy it in all seasons and at all times.

We recommend 3.25 gms in a single serving with 225ml of water/milk.


  • Espresso should be with 125-150 ml of hot water and no sugar and one full shot of Rage and iced should be 180 ml of milk and  4-5 ice cubes with 1/4 tsp sugar.        


  • You can make an awesome hot coffee or a slurping cold coffee. Perfect for black coffee espresso style, cappuccino, cold brew  & iced latte.


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