Trying to lose weight? This Protein Coffee is all you need to have!

Are you a fitness enthusiast or trying to follow a diet to keep your body healthy? Maintain your protein intake and your energy levels with this wholesome coffee protein shake that is good for your body and your mind.

Studies show that maintaining a daily protein intake can really help in preserving the body’s muscle mass and promoting healthy mental function. The vitamins and health-boosting ingredients infused in Rage Coffee are known to enhance mental function and bring cognitive clarity.

This easy-to-make Coffee Protein Shake is an absolutely healthful beverage that is good in taste, and good for your physical and mental health. And, did we mention that it’s Vegan too? Learn how to make this drink for yourself with this recipe.

Ingredients Needed

  • Protein Shake (Preferably in Chocolate/Coffee Flavour)

  • Rage Coffee (Any variant of your choice)

  • A Glass of Almond Milk

  • Stevia Drops (optional)

  • Ice (If needed)

The Recipe

Step 1: In a Blender, Add a spoonful of Protein Shake and a Spoonful of Rage Coffee along with the Almond Milk. Blend Together for 10-15 Seconds.

Adding protein shake and Rage Coffee in a blender

Step 2: After blending, pour this mix into a tall glass. You will notice that it is frothy.

Blender with Rage Coffee and protein shake mix

Step 3: Add some Stevia Drops or Sugar and mix it well if you think that the drink needs some sweetness.

Sugar stored in a Ceramic jar

Step 4: Add some ice and There you go!

Coffee protein shake made using Rage Coffee

Your Coffee Protein Shake is now ready! Simple, wasn’t it?

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