This Coffee Martini is the perfect cocktail for house parties!

Planning a party at your place this weekend? What if you take a break from your conventional liquor and serve some scintillating cocktails to your guests?

Sounds like a fun idea, no?

You can definitely get recipes for making those finger licking snacks off Youtube and we will help you manage the drinking department by teaching you how to make the world’s best coffee martini, ever.

Follow this simple recipe and get ready to receive endless compliments.

Ingredients Needed to make Coffee Martini:

  • Rage Original Coffee

  • 60 ml Vodka

  • 60 ml Coffee Liquor (Optional)

  • Ice Cubes

How to make:

Step 1: In a vessel, add 1 Spoonful of Rage Original Coffee to 1 cup of water.

Pouring water to make filter coffee

Step 2: Take a Martini Glass and fill it halfway with ice cubes.

A glass filled with ice cubes
Step 3: Add the Coffee Brew, mix the Vodka, and top it off with some Coffee Liquor for an enhanced taste. Once done, mix it together and top it off with some coffee beans for garnish.

A glass filled with coffee martini

Voila! Your easy-to-make Coffee Martini is now ready. Serve it with snacks and watch your guests go gaga!

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