The Magic of African Coffee

Coffee is a magical drink of choice. Its ever-increasing popularity can be attributed to its versatility and by various coffee beans which contributes to its total bliss! One of them being a pure caffeine free African coffee bean known as "Coffee Arabica" often called as Arabian coffee or the mountain coffee used primarily in fresh coffee with its delicate flavor. It is a specialty coffee grown in the majestic fields of east Africa, Ethiopia, Latin America and Asia often distinguished from the other coffees and said to be the "exquisite" ones !

  • The coffee plants of Arabica comes from the cuttings of the Bourbon and the blue mountains as the  dramatically high elevations and lush soil conditions are optimal for the cultivation of this premium coffee .
  • Also grown in cool, subtropical climates these beans need a lot of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun.
  • It is said to have been indigenous to the magic and medicine of plants ,thus offering various health benefits for the human body.

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