The difference between espresso and filter

With more coffee specialty shops opening around the world and the variety they serve of coffee, coffee isn’t coffee anymore. People have discovered various ways to make coffee and new methods are discovered on a regular basis. People are experimenting with new techniques to get perfect results and new coffee variant. But the two coffee giants, espresso and filter, can never go out of fashion. But what’s the main difference between the two?

Espresso is the immediate answer for many coffee lovers who need coffee on the go. The espresso coffee is express and quick to consume. It also gives you quick caffeine buzz to kick-start the day, meeting or an event. The espresso is denser and concentrated than filter coffee. It is brewed with high-temperature pressurized water that runs through finely ground coffee beans. The filter or pour over coffee isn’t much different than espresso. The key difference is instead of being pushed through with pressure, the water runs through the coffee grounds solely because of gravity. For this reason, the brewing process takes slightly longer for a different, but still heavenly, result. The filter coffee needs more coffee beans and more water to be made. It also draws less acidity and features more intricate flavors of coffee. While espresso is known for its density and layers, the filter coffee is known for being clean and clear. Coffee has so much to offer but in the end, the best choice is all dependent onto your lifestyle and taste preferences.

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