The Art Of Coffee Fortune Telling

Coffee's role is not only limited to being one of the top beverages worldwide it is also  regarded as a mystical drink with supernatural powers in many cultures. Social rituals are related to its consumption. There are places in the world where coffee also plays a role in religious life.

While researching this topic, I learned something interesting that the art of telling coffee-cup fortunes, is actually fairly complex, thinking about the cup of coffee sipped during friendly conversations, coffee breaks at work. Is it possible that reading coffee cups can actually result in making predictions?

Remember the worldwide blockbuster movie Harry Potter. In Harry's third year at Hogwarts his professor reads the leftover coffee leaves in Harry's cup and saw four things the Falcon ,a deadly enemy; the club, the attack, the skull ,danger in his path and a spectral of death omen for Harry. Further in the movie he faces all the consequences that were foretold by his professor. Of course, there are a lot of people who believe in coffee cup reading. The images and shapes created in the coffee ground have predictable future happening meanings.

To begin with some sort of history this event started in Turkey in the 16th century where members of the Ethiopian "Oromo tribe" believe that coffee is a gift from God, so it is an important ingredient of the religious ceremonies.  For them, coffee means life itself and a serum of fertility. It is believed that the coffee plant is better than all the other plants, because it grew out from the tears of their God, "Waaaq". If you swirl the cup and turn it upside down then the grounds will fall down. Consequently, they will leave some patterns on the surface of the cup.  From where the mysteries of the universe,  events from the past, and prediction future occurrences could be explained. This was known as Tasseography

What no one knows is whenexactly reading the shapes left at the bottom of a cup of Turkish coffee became customary as a sort of everyday, casual, communal, culturally reinforced fortune-telling. Usually, the professional fortunetellers, like most in similar professions, are good at picking up first impressions of their customer's personality. I think it's fun, but please don't make any major or life-changing decisions based on any fortune reading

Therefore Yes! coffee reading is certainly a very popular ritual in the countries that favor this. Using the correct utensils, such as pot and cup, helps a lot in the creation of sharp unquestionable symbols. So, relax and enjoy your coffee. who knows, maybe you hold your future without knowing it

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