No, 25 Cups Of Coffee Will Not Kill!

A study has recently unveiled that drinking coffee, even 25 cups per day, may not be harmful to arteries and heart health. In comparison to prior beliefs, this study has contradicted everything people knew until now. It was said that people who drink 25 cups of coffee or more in a day are vulnerable to arteries and heart illnesses. Arteries carry blood having oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout our body. If by any chance, they become stiff and aren’t allowed to perform their functions properly, then the person might have higher chances of getting heart attacks due to increased pressure on the heart. Previous studies, famously from the Queen Mary University of England, clearly stated that drinking coffee increased stiffness in arteries.

Researchers now claim that previous judgment and validation can be called limited and inconsistent. They say the low number of participants in those studies doesn’t make them universal and the results might vary if participants are increased. Researchers of the recent study that claims that even 25 cups of coffee per day might not be harmful to arteries and heart health have stated that they would like to closely examine the participants in near future and would be adaptable to new results if they found any. There are several studies claiming different things about coffee and it becomes confusing for people to filter out what they should believe in and what not. With the latest claims, coffee lovers are surely in some relief and can now enjoy their coffee more peacefully.

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