Mocha vs Cappuccino, Tough One!

When the subject matter is Coffee, one of the common question popping up is Cappuccino or Mocha? Of course it requires a lot of self think-tank to make a decision. Both of these types of Coffee, unarguedly are the most famous ones and the most familiar ones.

The selection, obviously, has much to do with one’s choice,taste and preferences. Both the drinks are based on Espresso, however Mocha does have higher proportion of Espresso as compared to Cappuccino. Not only that, Mocha’s second key ingredient is Chocolates. A typical Mocha contains almost around 35-40% of chocolate,which makes Mocha a “go-to” drink for all chocolate fonders. Other then chocolate,freshly whipped cream is yet another key ingredient of Mocha, now which makes Mocha undoubtedly a must have drink for all the person love sweet stuffs. Coming to other latter one, that is Cappuccino, which if not completely, then at least is partially opposite of Mocha. Since chocolate completely disappears in Cappuccino, one can predict that this one ain’t that sweet! Espresso is a part of Cappuccino as well, with the other key ingredients being Steamed Milk and Foamed Milk.

A typical Cappuccino has foamed milk almost double quantity as to that of Steamed Milk. Also, the amount of coffee beans used is quite high, which makes Cappuccino a very strong coffee. It’s not only strong but also unsweetened and a very bold taste. Anyone who is fond of strong coffee, will surely be a fan of Cappuccino.

So, which one to have, this will always remain on the person’s preferences. If they are a chocolatey fan,then they’ll go for Mocha,however, if they love to have that strong and bold flavour of a coffee,then they are sure-shot to go for Cappuccino. Well, whichever it is, one thing is for sure that these two types of Coffee will remain the most favourite and desirable for the generations to come.

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