Melt away the Monday blues with Mazagran Coffee

After a nice long weekend, Monday mornings are heavy. Don’t worry. Relax your senses and get ready to kick start your day with Mazagran Coffee, which is a cold, sweetened coffee and can be related to Algeria, where it originated from. Enjoy Mazagran coffee as a delicacy.

Mazagran coffee can be had with milk or water, whichever suits you. After a tired long day, this coffee can be had with rum as well. Sit comfortably and have Mazagran coffee sip by sip without any hurry.

Mazagran is normally prepared with strong, hot coffee that is poured over ice. A narrow, tall glass is used to serve this coffee. Mazagran coffee drives away dizziness and restores mental alertness. Why wait? Try making this exotic recipe and experience bliss.


  • Ice

  • 1 cup of Rage black coffee

  • Fresh lemon juice - to add to the taste

  • Sugar or sweetener of your choice

  • Milk or water, as per taste

      How to make:

      Step 1: Take a narrow, tall glass and fill the glass with ice

      Tall glass filled with Ice

      Step 2: Brew one cup of Rage black coffee - in your preferred way

      Brewed coffee

      Step 3: Once the coffee is prepared, pour the coffee over the ice. Add milk or water as required.

      Pouring coffee over the ice

      Step 5: Now add sugar /  sweetener and freshly squeezed lemon to taste. Mix all the ingredients well and garnish the glass with a slice of lemon to add a little zing.

      Mazagran Coffee with a pinch of lemon
      Voila! There goes your glass of refreshing goodness. 

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