Irish Coffee – A Must Have!

Irish Coffee- one of those rare coffee types which is not only a Coffee but also a Cocktail. The most prime reason behind it being called a cocktail is that it contains the Irish Whiskey.

         Served in a Special Irish Coffee Mug, this coffee originated in the mid 19th century when one of the chefs tried adding whiskey to the coffee, and it is also known that adding whiskey to the coffee would keep the fighters and the soldiers awake and alert as the World War II was going on. Coming to its recipe, it requires brown sugar and not the usual white sugar. Apart from Irish Whiskey, it requires very heavy cream, which should be slightly whipped, and of course it needs brewed coffee. While many coffee needs milk, this one being a little unusual as it needs hot water filled in the Mug and pre-heated, after which the brown sugar is added and then blended and grinded with Irish Whiskey and topped up with dollop of slightly whipped cream. Just with this simple procedure, the hot and sizzling Irish Coffee is ready to serve and ready to consume.

       Irish Coffee might not be the first coffee drink with whiskey, but it has surely become one of the most famous ones. Despite containing whiskey, it is non-alcoholic in nature and therefore can be consumed by anyone without any fear. Studies also say that it has many health benefits as well and therefore making Irish Coffee a must-try drink for people of any ages.

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