Do It Like The French

Coffee for a lot of people means taking a spoonful of powder and dumping it in a cup, filling it with water and stirring and later adding milk and sugar. That is a perfectly fine and quick way of making your daily coffee and it serves its purpose. This is known as instant coffee, and it is one of many ways of preparing coffee. The other methods include filter coffee, machine drip coffee, etc. However, as a lot of experts agree, one of the best coffee making processes is known as French pressing. It involves a tool known as the French Press. It is, in its basic form, a cylindrical glass beaker with a lid that has a plunger attached to it. The plunger can be moved up and down through a rod sticking out of the lid. This plunger is made up of several layers of fine stainless steel or nylon mesh filters. The plunger fits tightly in the beaker.

Its operation is fairly straightforward and simple. First coarsely ground coffee needs to be added to the beaker and filled with hot, but not boiling, water. The brewing time ranges from about two to four minutes. After desired time, the plunger needs to be pressed which separates the ground coffee from the aromatic coffee drink. Then all that is left to do is to pour the coffee in a cup and drink it up! Milk and sugar is optional, of course.

Now if you really want to go French all the way, pair this coffee with hot croissants and crepes. Or you could just dunk your Oreos in it. Whatever works for you!

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