Coffee & Literature

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Can you imagine a better pastime than sitting in a rocking chair with a book in your hand and a steaming, delicious coffee beside you while a little jazz music is permeating the atmosphere? Coffee and literature points out to simple equation :Readers who love it, writers who Need it! People tend to associate well-made coffee with a good book. Reading with a tea or coffee seems to add another level of the experience.What can be enjoyed with coffee may well have been the product of it too. It acts as a writing Fuel to the budding writers .

Honoré de Balzac wrote that “Coffee sets blood in motion and makes the motivated spirits spring” Some men of literature are simply enthusiastic about places where coffee is served, whether to exchange philosophical, artistic and literary ideas, or to find inspiration.It's a complete ritual ,world famous writers like JK Rowling ,Harlan Coban wrote in the cafés of Edinburgh, and Geneva Gorments .                                                                                                        

But how does coffee boost your brain and enhance creativity? Some research shows that, contrary to popular belief, coffee may inhibit creativity. Since coffee keeps us focused, that means our caffeinated minds don't have the chance to wander. Maybe that's why coffee has always been such a beloved drink of writers; they love to let their minds wander, but at some point, they must put pen to paper to do the required task .

When we look at coffee and creativity, fuelling creativity by it is a very unique way to end up creating something unique .Caffeine the major key ingredient in it boosts energy and decreases fatigue enhances physical, cognitive, and motor performance and aids short-term memory, problem solving, decision making, and concentration.Amazing right!? So many advantages from just a simple cup of coffee on the go for budding creative artists, writers etc.                               

So, we’re back to our original question: How do you take your coffee to enhance either focus or creativity — or both? What’s the daily caffeine tipping point and is too much? The most recent research suggests up to 400 milligrams of caffeine daily would be considered safe for healthy adults .

Also buying the right type of coffee will surely link your brain to much healthier working of your brain activities. The all new rage coffee is made up from 100 percent fresh Ethiopian Coffee beans ,instant and ready to be served any time anywhere just for some new tips about your creative initiatives.

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