Can the type of coffee you drink reveal your personality?

Answer is yes, the type coffee you drink can help others decide what kind of personality you are so check this out and mention in the comments section, did it relate to you or not. 

Select the type of coffee you love or want to drink the most and just scroll down

  • Espresso
  • Double Expresso
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Iced Coffee
  • Black Coffee
  • Cream or sugar coffee


If you love to drink espresso then you are a born  leader. You work as well as play hard. And your hardworking nature is an inspiration to others, both at work and in your social life. You enjoy the things that are little more straightforward.

Doble Espresso:

If you are double expresso drinker, you are one those person who believes in logic. You are very practical by nature and are not susceptible to flights of whimsy like some of your friends. You do best work when your boss tells you exactly what has to be done. You function better with clear, concise direction from others.


If you love drinking latte, you may be someone who has trouble making decisions. You have a laid back nature and as a result, you don't worry about over analyzing every decision. You quite reflective in nature.


If you are a cappuccino drinker, you are a very sophisticate individual. your sense of style is polished and put together. You aren't the person who makes the crass jokes. You prefer to keep things little classier. You have a creative mind and you make good friends with others.

Iced coffee:

The person who prefer iced coffee then you assertive in nature. You might prefer when some one does drama in front of you, you can take charge of things. You are a trendsetter and very confident in expressing your opinions. 

Black coffee:

You don't need splashy clothes. You prefer a straight forward approach, prefer a minimalistic lifestyle. You tend to be on quite side and can sometimes be prone to mood swings. You are straight forward nature makes you a friend that others want to be around.

Cream or Sugar coffee:

If you are a cream and sugar coffee drinker, you are one with dual personality. You are organized and put together at the same time you can be cut loose and get little messy. Each day you find yourself trying to be perfect balance between the logic and creative side of your brain.

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