Boost Your Brainpower With Coffee

Not long ago, it was claimed that glancing coffee has the same impact on the brain as drinking it. Well, who would know that soon after that claim, the same researchers would come to results that directly linked coffee to brainpower. We all know what coffee does to our body, it keeps us awake, alert and anxious free. There are numerous studies on the physiological effects of coffee but rarely does any research focus on the psychological effect on the world’s second favorite drink – coffee. The example of rare research is the one mentioned at the starting, the influence of just seeing coffee. The result of influence came after four studies that concluded that even thinking about the world’s two favorite drinks, tea, and coffee can arouse the brain.

Influencing the brain is related to the brainpower. Researchers wanted to see if there was an association between coffee and arousal. When study groups were exposed to coffee cues or even residues of coffee, the brain acted like they actually had it. Specific brain areas were activated to the state of being active and awake. Neuroscience News reports suggested that the process of psychological can be triggered by emotions and neurotransmitters. Journal of Consciousness and Cognition conducted the study of four groups and came to the conclusion that coffee is related to brainpower and even the cues about coffee trigger some psychological activities in people. This has a number of implications for how people process information and makes judgments and decisions, said Sam Miglo, an associate professor at the University Of Toronto Scarborough´s Department Of Management.

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