Beat the Summertime woes with this refreshing Mint Frappe

Is the scorching heat getting onto your nerves? Don’t worry, you’re not alone at all. As the temperature is shooting up with every passing day, now is the need to keep yourself calm and cool with the help of refreshing drinks that you can make on your own, in no time. Known to be an evergreen natural refreshing ingredient of all time, Mint has multifaceted uses.

When blended with coffee, mint creates a wonderfully refreshing flavor on its own. Wanna try? All you need is some simple household ingredients and 5 minutes in hand. Try making this exotic Mint Frappe using a simple recipe and tell us how it goes!


  • Rage Mint Mocha Coffee

  • 1 Glass Chilled Milk

  • Ice

  • Whipped Cream

  • Chocolate Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Chips (For Topping)

How to make:

Step 1: In a bowl, add a glass of chilled milk with a spoonful of coffee.

Adding milk to a spoonful of coffee

Step 2: Add some Chocolate Ice Cream to it and blend it together using a stick blender.

Chocolate Ice cream

Step 3: In a glass, fill some ice.

A glass filled with ice cubes

Step 4: Add this mix right into the glass.

Adding the coffee mix to the glass filled with ice

Step 5: After pouring it, Add some whipped cream on top. Top it off with a handful of chocolate chips or a mint leaf if you want.

Mint Frappe made using Rage Coffee Mint Mocha

Voila! Your Mint Frappe is now ready to be savored.

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