Affordable Ways of Brewing Coffee at Home

Some mornings you wake up craving that perfect cup of coffee that will make your morning even better and worth it. Those mornings are incomplete without any kind of caffeine fix. For coffee enthusiasts who want to brew the same quality coffee drink you would order somewhere else at home , here are some easy, convenient and affordable coffee making tools for you to set up a home coffee bar.

French Press

French Press coffee maker

At first French Press looks intimidating, but it is not. You can use a French Press coffee maker to brew your coffee in ease. It is a manual brewing method, you have to measure your ingredients, use Rage’s French Press grind coffee, pour in the water, time the brewing of coffee (around 3-4 minutes), and press the plunger. The brew that comes out is not too strong, if you like your espresso or coffee less intense. Then French Press is the way to go.


Aeropress coffee maker

AeroPress coffee maker is the best coffee equipment for a beginner. This upside down coffee maker is a very convenient way to make some delicious coffee. AeroPress works like a syringe. All you have to do is pour some Rage’s AeroPress ground coffee, add hot water to it, stir it well. Then press the plunger and pour the coffee in a mug. 

Moka Pot

Moka pot or stove top coffee maker

If you love espresso then stove top Moka Pot is the closest way to get authentic espresso at home in an affordable way. Moka pots are an Italian way to make espresso. This coffee maker uses steam and pressure to make aromatic coffee concentrate for you. Things you need to make an ideal espresso are Rage’s Moka Pot grind size coffee, water and  stove top. Once the amazing concoction is ready, you can pour it in a cup and have it as you like.

 Milk Frother:

Milk frother and coffee coffee

A milk frother will give your standard at home drinks an upgrade. It will add a layer of foamy, frothy milk and also will make the texture of the coffee drink richer. You can use the handheld electric milk frother to froth both hot and cold milk. 

How to use the milk frother? It’s a very easy and convenient tool, all you have to do is take half a cup of milk. Turn on the tool once the milk frother is inside the milk to avoid any splashing. Start frothing the milk by moving the rod up and down slowly. 

Once the milk is foamy and frothy gently pour it over your cup of coffee. It will make your coffee drink taste and look like a barista has made it, but you have made it in the comfort of your home.

These are some best coffee making equipments that will help you make a cup of java at home that’s far more delicious and rewarding in taste in no time and will beat any coffee house or café quality coffee. 

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