A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

Just imagine what value a coffee can bring to your life especially in relationships! Looking from an altogether different mindset 1 simple cup of has been symbolized as bond of your relations in many ways be it friendship, love or business deals. And how these relationships are formed? Answer is quite simple through relaxed & beautiful Conversations!!!

Some of the examples of these tagline are explained below:

Beautiful relations can start over a cup of coffee:

There have many example of some strong and beautiful relationships that started over a cup of coffee. In this generation it has some what become a trend to call your loved ones for coffee date. Or even nowadays couples who are ding arrange marriage also prefer to meet often to each other for a coffee to know more about each other

Life long commitments can end over a cup of coffee:

One can not only create a relationship by meeting for a cup of coffee but can even end their relationships. So break-ups can happen over a cup of coffee.

Dating Your own self:

This one might sound weird to some people but this has been the case for singles. I just love doing this. This is a perfect  way to get something which is called as me time. This is one the time when I feel most alive.

Meetings and Projects:

Formal projects and meetings, get cracked over a cup of coffee.  There have been many companies that have been started or a start up idea struck to the founder over a cup of coffee. One of our programming language JAVA was found while having a cup of coffee and thus its logo was a cup of coffee

Numbers get exchanged:

This is an incident which recently took place with me, as it happened I was sitting alone in a coffee shop reading my book with an expresso, and certainly I saw someone who was alone and also reading the book which was next in my list for reading. And thus I approached her had a cup of coffee with her and told her that I wanted that book after she finished reading the book and fortunately she wanted the book which I was reading and then we decided to exchange our numbers, stated texting and calling to each other and friendship happened between us. And then we met again and exchanged our books after we had finished reading our own books.

Remembering Memories:

Me and my best friend even after two years of completing our school loves to meet over a cup of coffee to have healthy gossip, remind old memories and that's  an amazing time that we spend with each other.

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