5 Types of Coffee Drinks You Must Try in 2019

Who doesn't love coffee? I bet everyone does ,the amount of "flexibility" coffee has, is the biggest reason behind it's popularity .It has become a fundamental part of food culture all around the world and  is one of the world’s top commodities, with  exports going higher to even 9.69 million bags in a year !

There are various ways to enjoy this beverage in various forms such as hot, cold, plain, pure black, with ice-cream ,caramel, chocolate and many more by experimenting in your ways if you like.

This article talks about the 5 types of coffee drinks/beverages that you must try if you are coffee lover.


Latte! Indeed one of the most heavenly and popular form of coffee beverages one could ever try. It is made up from Espresso ,steamed milk and topped with centi meter of foam and you’ll occasionally encounter cafes that don’t understand the difference between this and a flat white. 


It is probably the first thing you reach for in the  morning-and only the one thing that keeps you  going the whole day.

Espresso is a base for various beverages .It is made by forcing nearly boiling water under pressure through ground coffee beans, resulting in a brew that’s thicker than those made from other brewing methods, and while they’re not for everyone it can be a truly singular drinking experience when you find a good brew. 


Coming from an Italian descendants a cappuccino consists of three layers . Traditionally made with espresso, hot milk, and topped with foamed milk, often prepared with a milk steamer for a thicker froth. Italians like to consume this type of coffee at breakfast. If you want a strong coffee, but with the creaminess of milk, get a cappuccino.


Iced coffee is a type of coffee beverage served chilled. It can be a great, refreshing beverage – but only if you can keep the drink cold without diluting it with ice. Often popular among children  iced coffee powder is found easily at every general store and is instant to make.


Long black Coffee can be quite strong, and have more crema (a creamy foam that tops espresso shots) than an Americano. Hot water is poured into a cup, and then two shots of espresso are poured into the water.

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