3 Tips to store coffee and keep it fresh

Coffee (n.): /ˈkɒfi/
a drink made from roasted and ground beans of a tropical shrub.’’

Coffee is one of the world’s most favourite and popular beverage. It is the major source of caffine as well. On an average, at least 500 billion cups of coffee is consumed every year.

Coffee lovers might know about a lot of interesting facts about coffee, but do you know the right method of storing coffee to keep it fresh? To enjoy a great cup of coffee make sure that it is always fresh.
Since coffee is highly perishable, make sure you follow these storage tips:

Store coffee in a cool and dry place:

Keep your coffee away from moisture, heat and sunlight. Although coffee looks beautiful, make sure you store it in an opaque jar instead of glass as light can penetrate through the glass jar and destroy its already short shelf-life.

Make sure the container used to store it is air-tight:

There are different views on whether or not coffee can be stored in the fridge/ freezer. So, if you intend to freeze your coffee, make sure the container is really air-tight as it can absorb moisture and ruin the taste of your java.

Buy small quantities, often:

    Buy only as much coffee as you are likely to use within 2 weeks. As the seal of the container is broken, coffee easily loses its richness over time. Hence, buy little, but often.

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