3 Signs of a Perfect Espresso Bar

Ever been to an Espresso bar and felt that it might not be the perfect one? Don’t worry, it had happened to many people out there but with the signs we are giving you right now, you can judge the perfect espresso bar and never make any mistake again. The first sign is the size of espresso. To be honest, espresso comes in only one size – double ristretto. So, if you walk into the bar and see various sizes like singles, doubles etc., it’s time to get out of there and blacklist that bar onto your list. It’s like when you just order a glass of wine, neither small nor large but you just order a glass of wine. The same goes with espresso as well.

Second sign is limited food offerings. If you were to take our advice, espresso quality is inversely proportional to the number of food offerings. It is because if the café or bar is offering too much food offerings, they aren’t focusing the quality time in making the perfect espresso for you. Undoubtedly, the food might be tasty but espresso will not be the espresso every coffee lover longs for. The final sign is taking care of technique and craft required in making the perfect espresso. Quality baristas use their hands and tampers to pack and smooth the beans. If you don’t find these signs, then you are drinking fauxpresso and not espresso.

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