10 Myths About Coffee One Needs To Stop Believing

Coffee isn't good for health:

There have been may studies that prove that people who consume coffee regularly are less likely to suffer heart disease. In fact a good cup of coffee can increase your metabolism. 

It can cure your hangover:

There really isn't any scientific study that can support the believe. If one feels any type of betterment than it can be psychologically and doesn't have much to do with coffee. 

Pregnant women should not drink coffee:

Caffeine won't harm fetus, however it is said that women should take caffeine intake only about 200 milligrams that is one cup of coffee. It can reach the baby but there no proper studies yet that prove that this is harmful. 

Coffee helps you in weight loss:

We all wish it was true, but sadly it is not. Consumption of coffee can slightly increase your metabolism but not at that level that can make difference in your diet. 

The afternoon coffee can disturb your sleep:

The caffeine that one consumes during the processes very fast trough the liver and all of it is flushed out of the body till the time one goes to bed.

The coffee is better preserved in refrigerator:

The cool storage is definitely an option to store your coffee to prevent various chemical reaction. But when you take it out of your refrigerator, this water can cause deterioration in the quality of beans.

Black coffee contains more caffeine:

Conversely, it contains less that the brown one. As more coffee is roasted, the more it looses mass since several molecules evaporate, including caffeine. on the other hand coffee remains quite stable molecule during the process of roasting. Thus the difference is very small that one cannot differentiate between the black and brown coffee.

Coffee stunts your growth:

There is no scientific study that can prove this statement. 

Coffee is addictive:

There is no proper scientific study to prove that coffee is addictive. The feeling of addiction is actually engendered only by the social presentation we make of coffee. Normally that causes the addictive behaviour can be hard drugs, nicotine or even sugar.....but not coffee.

Espresso is more caffeinated than filter coffee:

False! Although espresso has more concentration of caffeine than any other type of brewing methods, a cup of filter is much more larger, and thus contains more caffeine. An espresso does not surpass a filter coffee.

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