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Liquid Coffee Concentrate Sachets (100ml - 5 sachets x 20ml)

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Get. Set. Sip.

Your favorite Instant Liquid Coffee, made easier! 
Our bestselling flavour, Filter Coffee Liquid Coffee now comes in a sachet. 
Serve hot or cold for a revolutionary coffee experience.
Every sachet of Filter Coffee Liquid concentrate (20 ml) makes 1 cup of strong and bold filter coffee.
Instantly craft a cup of coffee. Simply a sachet of Filter Coffee to hot/cold milk/water and make your favorite drink.
Stronger & Smoother, 10x More Concentrated, No Bitterness Guaranteed, 200mg Caffeine per 20ml serving size
Fat Free, Sugar Free, Additive Free, Non-GMO

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10x Stronger & Smoother Coffee

  • 100% Coffee

    No preservatives, no chemicals

  • Highest Quality Arabica

    Only the best coffee beans

  • Make Delicious Recipes

    Pour in hot or cold beverages

  • 10x More Concentrated

    150 mg caffeine per 15ml serving

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Committed to zero plastic use

  • Zero Added Sugar

    Naturally Flavoured

For us at Rage Coffee, quality is not “controlled,” but “built” and “imbibed” in our DNA. It is a daily process that involves everyone, and it is an essential part of every phase of production. Quite frankly, it is the only way of working we know.

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