Award‌ ‌Winning‌ ‌Vitamin‌ ‌Coffee‌ ‌that‌ ‌everyone‌ ‌is‌ ‌raging‌ ‌a– Rage Coffee

Award‌ ‌Winning‌ ‌Vitamin‌ ‌Coffee‌ ‌that‌ ‌everyone‌ ‌is‌ ‌raging‌ ‌about


Irish Hazelnut

Creme Caramel

Dark Chocolate

Sparky Orange

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"Try us risk free! 100% money back guarantee
If you're not satisfied for ANY reason, we'll refund your money!"


Manavi Jain, Make Up Artist

"No more getting tired and a good fitness start to your beautiful day"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there money back guarantee?

We'll refund your order with no questions asked, if you're able to send back the tubes/packaging back to us unused and sealed within 15 days from purchase.

Is this Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee?

Instant. Made with Single Origin 100% Arabica Beans Grown in Ethiopian Highlands

How much gms these bottles are?

50gms each

Is there more caffeine in Rage Coffee?

There is no more caffeine than a regular cup of instant coffee you would otherwise have ranging between 80-120 mg of caffeine.

What type of vitamins do we use?

100% plant based vitamins that are typically found in foods, but not always easy to get from diet alone.

Is Rage Coffee Vegan/Vegetarian?

Yes. 100% Vegan

Can we add milk?

Yes. You can have it both black and with milk

Can we have it cold?

Yes. Ofcourse

Does it have added sugar?

No added sugar. Whatsoever

Can I just buy one bottle?

Buy many as you want. Use - or + next to the flavor to change quantity. When you buy all 4 flavors, you get a discount of Rs. 397.

Is it made in India?


Easy to mix?

Super Easy

How do I get in touch with you?

Email us at:


2819 reviews

"Awesome coffee 😍
""Charge your Day"" 🔥"

"Great Coffee is A Human Right!!!
@ragecoffee_ is Infused with Natural Vitamins
⚡️Boosted Energy
❤️Enhanced fitness
🧿Improved focus"

"Finally got this ♥️😍
Its absolutely the best tasting coffee till now. Loving it 😋"

We thoroughly enjoy the dark chocolate flavour of @ragecoffee_! Even more when it’s baked! 😉 Presenting dark chocolate coffee & Nutella cookies!

Feeling a bit under the weather nowadays? Take out a novel and drink a cup of coffee.

Friendship day on a Sunday with some good coffee. It's a good morning, beautiful day 🌻☕

You get a coffee when stressed, I buy a #coffeemug 😄.... My latest addition to my collection... A very good Sunday morning with a shot of #coffee

The truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the one worth suffering for.

"Coffee smells like magic and all things good☕️.
Sipping on Irish Hazelnut Black Coffee and enjoying my weekend... How about y’all?"

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My most fav is their Irish Hazelnut @ragecoffee_"

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The first thing that I love to do as soon as it rains is to grab a cup of coffee ans what could be better than having @ragecoffee_"

".I was never a coffee fan, untill I was introduced to Rage coffee... absolutely great taste and stunning flavours to suit every mood...must try!
@ragecoffee_ fabulous flavours. The image shows how much I loved it...."

"Tried the new rage @ragecoffee_
It has a range of flavours, I've started with the traditional coffee.
Can't wait to try their other flavours!
One of the biggest constants during quarantine has been a cup of coffee in a nice mug ☕"

"One of the finest coffee i have ever tried. Thanks @robbie2806 for suggesting it. Shoutout to @ragecoffee_ for Irish Hazelnut coffee."

Perfect way to start a study session!! 💖💖 And @ragecoffee_ is, by far, my favourite coffee.. Try it once..

I can drink this all day, everyday.❤

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""I don't need Motivational or Inspirational Quotes, All I need is Just A Good Coffee"" "

"Dark chocolate in coffee..damn,smells so good and tastes even better.♥️
I have always found chocolate and coffee combination lit,personally.
This is a must try.🤤"

"Some days begin with an ‘ehh’ and then you know who comes for your rescue....No I’m not talking about any superhero, what I’m talking about is a heavenly cup of @ragecoffee_ ☕️
I Tried the coffee and trust me guys it was my best coffee till date. I really liked the Irish Hazelnut flavor and the taste was so perfect and it was not so sweet n not so bitter.
M not a coffee fan but I loved it😛"

"Most satisfying coffee purchase ever.
What I loved the most about Rage coffee was the prominence of the hazelnut aroma.
Also, the packaging is a trip in itself."

Lets get charged☕️

"I tried @ragecoffee_ about 7 times over the past 5 days at different times of the day, with and without sugar and milk etc because it's the only coffee company that guarantees the effectiveness or efficiency of the coffee..
I think they might be on to something, the first night I had 2 mugs at around 8pm while working, I ended staying up until 7 am the next morning. So I tried it again because knowing me it could have easily been insomnia. I tried it again and again and again.. it seems to work well and tastes pretty good!!
Reasonably priced at ₹499 for 100gms of freeze dried coffee. The brand delivers on packaging, novelty and youth. Check out their website for offers, coupons, combos etc. They have a variety of flavours like Irish hazelnut, creme caramel, sparky orange and dark chocolate other than the original.
I tried the original, since it was the first time I was trying it out. The next time I'll probably try one of the flavours or the combos!!.."

"Rage coffee claims to be vitamin influenced and energy booster. Besides that, I found it really very flavourful and tasty.
This pack has tiny , precisely quantified capsules to make a perfect cup of coffee.
Impressed and recommended.💋."

"Hello coffee people!!!
Keep raging with @ragecoffee_ as we all need a freshly brewed coffee evening's to quickly turbocharge our day☕⚡"

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"Our search for a perfect cup of coffee ends here. An instant coffee you will fall in love with instantly. The aroma of the coffee will kick start your day even before you had the first sip. The flavour of Rage is as refreshing as it’s Aroma.
It’s intense plus the the natural vitamins makes your mood calm and relaxed. It keep you energetic even after the coffee effects wear out."

"What goes best with a cup of RAGE coffee? .
Another cup!!!"

Tried this new instant coffee from @ragecoffee_ today which I ordered through @amazondotin. I was not disappointed with the strength of the coffee as they claim it to be. Though I felt that taste and aroma could have been better. But overall it gets the work done for me. A decent cup to start my morning with

"Amazingly full bodied coffee with light flowery notes and a rich and fulfilling after taste.In general , much better than any of the instant coffee I have ever tasted . Best instant coffee with perfect blend of roast and aroma with crisp flavor.
Though I am not a coffee lover but this coffee quality is just awesome.
This coffee is absolute divine for all coffee lovers.
It's best if you want to drink black coffee.
𝐈 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬.....☕ Highly Recommended...!"

After long wait finally it's here "Rage Coffee" to turbocharge the day.Thank you so much @ragecoffee_ for such aromatic and strong flavour coffee.....

Keep the rage within alive, with hint of orange...

My morning shot to keep me going

"Calling out all you coffee lovers, you must try this brand. Trust me!
I was so blown away by the quality of coffee that I ended up writing a review as well besides just styling and doing the photography.
Woah! The kick you get from this coffee is better than any of the shelf brand, hence the name ""Rage"". However the beauty of this one is subtle hint of flavours you will taste, which are non existent in other premium ""strong"" coffee brands.
I love strong coffee however my husband enjoys flavoured coffee, like Creme Caramel and Hazelnut. Hence we drink different coffee brand. Rage coffee solved this problem. When I think of coffee all I could think is Nescafe, but Rage has absolutely changed my mindset. I actually found the quality better. "

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Since I am a person who loves black coffee & these are the perfect ones I recently grabbed"

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Rage Premium Ethiopian Arabica Instant Coffee.
An instant coffee which boost your mental and physical strength. It has rich aroma and an unmatchable amazing taste. It has 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans.
The best coffee ever.
The only instant coffee you'll fall in love with instantly."

Preworkout coffee infused with vitamins

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These beans raged me to post this ♥️loved it😋 makes your day just by a sip blend it well and taste good #just coffeeway#ragecoffee

It's absolutely amazing
Infused with Natural Vitamins ⚡Boosted Energy ♥️ Enhanced Fitness 🔷 Improved Focus"

This is 100% Ethiopian coffee are carry anywhere shots which gives the perfect #turbocharger kick to your day

A good strong cup of coffee to kickstart the morning 👌

I never laugh until I've had my Coffee .❤️

Somedays aren't made for the average.

These rage coffee shots made my day . Loved the coffee

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Turbocharge your day with #ragecoffee @ragecoffee_ #keepraging
World's first plant based vitamin cofee which increases your energy level.. ☕"

"some good instant coffee. saved me when I couldn't get to my beans.
special mention to @ragecoffee_ for having made the canisters biodegradable 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #keepraging ."

Rage coffee bean - the ocean of delicious, It's brew-tiful 🤩

U got monday I got rage.😎

"When i need that extra #push through the #day
@ragecoffee_ comes by the #play with
Added l-theanine, l-glutamine, panax #ginseng benefits."

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👉🏼Infused with natural vitamins
👉🏼Boosted Energy

👉🏼 Enhanced Fitness
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@ragecoffee_ 💓"

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Its just too ossmm 😍
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Nd best mugs too 😍😍🤔"

Rage coffee: when you drink your cup of coffee today, inhale its aroma, taste its dark and full-bodied flavour and enjoy your cup of Pure LOVE.❤️ Keep Drinking, keep Raging! ☕

I start with a doze of @ragecoffee_ makes it easy for my back to back sessions. My Energy Booster for my work.

Life happens, Coffee helps.

Keep Raging

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Essentials 🔈☕️ 📷 🚘

Turbocharge your day with @ragecoffee_ ❤️

Whoopppss... Drifting in the Paradise 🌈 All I need today! 😎🤙☕️🥤🚀

What’s special is that it’s absolutely healthy as it contains some important ingredients having lot of health benefits like ginseng which boost stamina., L-arginine for better blood flow to the muscles for better pump. Ginko biloba an important ingredient which in found in ancient Chinese tea and important amino acids. So it's absolutely worth trying!! KEEP WORKING OUT, KEEP RAGING!!!⚡⚡"

"It has been a great experience of trying this coffee #ragecoffee . If you haven't tried this coffee yet ..then please go and try this.. it's really worth it. It's healthier than other coffees too.💯

"Through all these years of instant coffee, I've never come across one like this.
This is Rage Coffee. Just like the name it delivers. It's probably the best instant coffee till date that I've tried. If you haven't tried it, I'd say what are you waiting for? Go and check them out"

"Humanity runs on coffee.
The only instant coffee you will fall in love with...
Great taste with amazing aroma
Using it as a pre workout for a month now and I must say this is the best ☕"

Happy to have this on my desk. Thanks for fixing my caffeine requirement RageCoffee

"Everything gets better with coffee.
What if I tell you that there is a vitamin based Coffee blend ☕️ for those who like a good kick out of their coffee !!!!??? Yes that’s right, 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopian highlands which are crystallised to form soluble coffee that Enhances mental and physical performance as the main job of this coffee 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️⛹🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️
☕️Taste is bold and intense, it comes as shots which are super convenient to carry anywhere!
☕️ Every shot contain 275mg all natural brain vitamins, also L-Theanine that balance daily anxiety 😰
👩🏻‍💻 Panax Ginseng to improve Work efficiency 🚴🏻‍♀️Stamina 🤸🏻‍♀️ and Atheltic endurance 🏋🏻‍♀️
👩🏻‍🌾 Last but not least L-Glutamine Amino acid for biosynthesis of protein .
Can’t believe all these in ONE SHOT of COFFEE right ☕️ Checkout .

"o what a day it was. Had my superspeciality exams and it was raining cats and dogs. Took me 4hrs for a route of 1hr to reach my exam center. And my God what a adventure it was. Right from printing the hall ticket to travelling in heavy rain and much more heavy traffic.. And even after all this I saw water clogged on the was near the center with a huge traffic so had to drop my car in between and leave walking in the rain with water till our knees. Finally reached the exam hall full wet from head to toe shivering like hell. And then the exam 🙄 with full A/C on. What a day @artistic_anaesthetist0611 and @dr_bones1106 with @madhurapophalkar. Need a strong coffee now and I am tired to even make one for myself. All thanx to instant rage coffee shots, it was so easy. Just mix the instant coffee mix with milk or water and it's ready. Loved the taste...!!!"

Kick start your day with Rage-Coffee

"Coffee is love. But you ever thought of Instant coffee ...
Answer is no huh ! Get to cheer up your mind and save your time!
My recommendation 5⭐."

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The Best Coffee I have had till Now!!"

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I take my coffee seriously, and strongly believe that most of the instant coffee in market are terrible. So I started carrying most effective coffee shots from everywhere I go. .

"My morning today with .
This is an absolute new favourite of mine😻 Award wining coffee infused with natural vitamins.
An instant coffee that tastes like a fresh brew you’d get in specialty cafe at a fraction of the cost. Rage Coffee comes in this tubular shot form so that it is convenient to carry and you can enjoy your coffee where ever you are. Get you hands on these now and I am sure you won’t stop buying them. . "

"Just some coffee therapy...☕☕☕☕
The aroma of this is so good and is enough to kick start your day.
In love with this ..and it has become a pre-workout ritual for us.
Oh and the delicious hazelnut flavor 🤤 , a must-try for all the coffeeholics #keepraging"

"I start my day with .
It increases my focus and helps me to boost up my performance in gym💪
#ragecoffee ."

"Developer is an organism that turns coffee into code.
Bigger Fact: All those late nights and lack of sleep don't let #johndoe say a lot of #helloworld 😉
All those ""bulls"" are ""monsters"" but what's a beast without #rage . Try for those late night coding jams to kick some serious ass!"

Hi Everyone ,so I am giving my reviews after trying it out for several days and believe me when I say it's one of its kind and I have tastwd a aweful lot of days.It's has a very good flavour and taste ..a bit strong I feel as compared to normal other coffee... I felt something different taste and nice then usual taste givs a nice kickstart for my night studies ... I started liking this aroma and hazelnut flavour...hazelnut was the first time I have seen in a coffee and it was a great combination.

"Amazing irish hazelnut coffee. I am a coffee fan and really particular about it. I loved this one. Really enhances the taste. Try if as cold coffee too.
Amazong packaging and taste. Loved it."

"Absolutely love this coffee!!
The richness of the hazelnut flavour is so satisfying. Also a special mention to the packaging ...Worth the purchase and have already recommended Rage Coffee to my caffein-loving friends.
Thank you Amazon !!"

"The packaging and delivery was very good.
I have already recommended Rage Coffee to my coffee-loving friends and family members. It mixes easily with Milk. I made this coffee and it tasted absolutely amazing. Trust me guys it has such an amazing flavor and it just blends nicely. It's sweet aroma and fantastic taste gives an evident boost in energy and focus. Overall a great product 👌👌"

Genuinely loved the taste of this coffee. It's flavor is amazing. I'm so happy with this product that next time I'm purchasing the same.

Awesome Coffee gives a hint of vanilla flavour.Smell so relaxing & pleasant. Coffee is made from high quality Coffee beans & its in crystal form so the freshness stays fir long.Dissolve instantly in milk/ water.Can enjoy it hot or cold Irish Coffee. I made Coffee cake with it was so yummy with a hit cup of coffee.Rage Coffee definetly level up our Coffee taste

The packaging was amazing and the coffee is even better... Loved it!!!

Words fall short for describing this coffee. I am in love with the aroma. The hazelnut touch is absolutely everything. I have since recommended this product to literally every single person around me. And i wont stop asking people in the future as well to go for this one. Best purchase ever. It is strong. Which I love in coffee.

"What I liked about the @ragecoffee_ is its unique blend and the fact that it is 100% arabica beans and it combines the plant based natural supplements with my coffee.
Aroma is great!
The fact that it is an instant coffee, easy to make and still has an excellent taste makes it my go-to choice..
very close to a fresh brewed coffee that I make at home with the coffee machine. Perfect to keep in office as well to mix with milk/water. My starbucks trips have been cut down to almost 0 from 2-3 times a day"

"I love coffee and I always start my day with a cup of coffee recently I tried rage coffee. It's instant coffe crystals are infused with natural vitamin.
it is a unique blend of 100% arabica beans and the plant based natural supplements.
The Aroma of the coffe is great and very mood is an instant coffee, easy to make , carry and still has an excellent taste makes.
It is easily mixed with hot or cold with water or milk.
It helps you with boosted energy levels & enhanced fitness
It also helps to improve focus
I love the rage coffe, being an instant coffee it tastes amazing, and easy to make."

"Rage coffee is one of the best coffee I ever had. Just one cup and you'll be hooked to it. Surprisingly their taste is also very unique. Totally worth the price. We tried 3 flavours:
1) Classic Coffee - This coffee is a perfect kick-start to your day. The aroma itself is so refreshing and just one cup with milk or water is enough for a very long time. The instant freshness is definitely something to fall for.
2) Irish Hazelnut - Strong and soothing at the same time. Also one of my favourite flavour from the range♥️ The rich flavour and aroma of hazelnut with coffee is mesmerizing.
3) Creme Caramel - A soft aroma of caramel in the coffee will definitely make it your comfort drink. Though mixed, they retain their individual flavours which is very impressive. For all the caramel lovers, this is a blessing.
Highly recommend everyone to try this and trust me Rage coffee won't disappoint you! #keepraging"

"Firstly, the coffee gives me No rage, they should have named it Magically Goodness!
I sometimes have to work late nights due to project completion and handovers, having to keep a coffee sachet in the bag is sometimes inconvenient. I love the fact that rage came up with a design with is highly portable and easy to store. I some times roam with a shot in my pocket.
Coming to the taste..
Don't be mislead my the strong smell. The coffee is chocolatey & yummy. It has a hint of hyderabadi coffee and coco taste is like Cadbury.
The coffee has sufficient boost to keep me up at night or to kick start a lazy morning.
Just add hot or cold milk and enjoy the magical taste. 👍
Buy with confidence."

"Rage coffee is one of the finest coffee available in the market today. I am so glad that I finally found a brand that perfectly suits my taste. With the unique blend of herbs and caffeine Rage coffee helps in boosting my energy levels before my gym workouts. The overall packaging of the product is amazing.
The pack comes with a note about the brand which gives some great information about the science behind Rage Coffee."

Caramel creme flavoured coffee,i am just loving it,a different experience in coffee is just outstanding with doubled sealed glass bottle,coffee granules,just a kind of power booster,makes my day

Flavourful coffee with good taste

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