Raise a toast to a healthier lifestyle with this amazing cocktail of Irish coffee

Sulking over health issues? Come on…boost your mood and activate your brain with this amazing blend of coffee + alcohol = Irish coffee + health benefits.  Known to be a beneficial coffee, Irish coffee comes with a package of health benefits ranging from a healthy heart to a reduced risk of diabetes.

Irish coffee is a blessing in disguise for coffee and alcohol lovers, which satisfies the craving for coffee, alcohol and in turn, helps you with a healthier lifestyle. Irish coffee is a blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream.

This hot coffee is sipped through the cream floating over the coffee. The cream is added by pouring over the back of the spoon which is to be held just above the surface of the coffee so that it floats, which is the trickiest part of preparing this coffee.

If you prefer a strong coffee, you may use a lighter whiskey. If you prefer a strong cocktail, you may increase the quantity of alcohol.


  • 2 teaspoons of brown sugar

  • 200 ml of strong hot freshly brewed coffee

  • 50 ml of whiskey (preferably Irish)

  • 50 ml cream (lightly whipped)

      How to make:

      Step 1: Keep all the ingredients ready and handy.

      Coffee table setup

      Step 2: Whip the cream till it starts to thicken and keep it in the fridge.

      Whipping the cream

      Step 3: Place the brown sugar into a warm coffee mug or glass and add the strong hot coffee to the sugar.

      Adding filtered coffee to a cup

      Step 4: Now pour the Irish whiskey into the glass.

      Pouring Whiskey into a cup of coffee

      Step 5: Mix all the above till the sugar is dissolved.

      Mixing all the ingridients

      Step 6: Float the lightly whipped cream on the top by slowly pouring it using the backside of the spoon. Now, this hot Irish coffee can be consumed by drinking through the whipped cream.

      Irish Coffee Cocktail

      Enjoy this tasteful drink on a moody day!


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